Diploma in Health & Sanitary Inspector

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scope of the program (opportunities)

The Skill based training courses are the training content developed for enhancing the specific skills of existing professionals or provide for a platform for imparting skills to candidates. As the directives of Ministry of Health & F W, NIPHTR Mumbai has decided to conduct one year skill based course for Sanitary Inspector.

Public health is an important matter of concern for the municipal bodies in various states. Sanitary health inspectors play a crucial role in the protection of public health and environment in various ways. Their demand is increasing with the changes in the public health sector. Civic bodies in a state depend on health and sanitary inspectors for dealing with various public issues which range from safe drinking water, safety of food and general sanitary conditions

Training Outcomes: This course trains students to manage health and sanitation aspects in a variety of organizations and sectors, thus enabling them to safeguard public health and the environment.

Duration of Health & Sanitary Inspector Course: One Year
For more details contact: 9819238118

Health & Sanitary Inspector Course Structure

First Year
Food & Nutrition
Environmental Sanitation & Sanitary Engineering
Communicable & Non-Communicable Diseases ( Prevention and Control)
Health And Death Statistics