Diploma in Pre-Primary Teachers Training

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scope of the program (opportunities)

Diploma in Primary Teachers Training is a diploma level course. The duration of this course is 1-year long and its syllabus is divide in 2-semester. It is complete teacher training course for those planning to take up teaching in primary schools. The primary teachers need to plough a range of skills like sensibility apart from teaching methods to support the development and learning of all children by devising original activities.

Advance Diploma in Primary Teachers Training course ensures to make one group to teach from Montessori, Nursery, and Kindergarten age group as well as classes 1 to 5. This course increases the full confidence to elevate knowledge in English Grammar and the matured ability to read, write and speak.

Duration of primary teacher training Course: 1 Year
Eligibility for primary teacher training Course Trainee: The minimum educational qualification for selection of trainees for this course is 12+ standard.
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Primary Teacher Training Course Structure

The syllabus may vary from state to state and it is also dfferent for various levels. So for a sample, we are provide the vocational training syllabus her just go through it and we will soon provide the complete syllabus in another article.

Part (A) Theory Structure
  • Child psychology & (B) child care & Health
  • Sociology & Guidance
  • School Organization
  • Principles of Education
  • Education Phycology
  • The method of Teaching subjects
  • Special Method of Teaching
  • Working with parents & Community
  • Pre-Primary Education (Nursery)
  • Personality Development and Behavior

Part (B) Practical Structure
Part (C): Internship andf Project 8 Weeks