Dr. Sumita Sarkar

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Congratulations to Dr. Sumita Sarkar Dean, IBSAR for "Research Excellence Fellowship 2019" at Department of Anthropology & Sociology, CEU, Budapest (Hungary).

Dr. Sumita Sarkar is Dean (Academics & Research) at IBSAR group of colleges, a leading Business school included among top 100 B schools in India. She represented IBSAR at University of Frostburg in USA, UKHM University, Bangi, Kuala Lampur, Malaysia, Universitas Pancalsila Jakarta, , Indonesia and DAKAM Institute of Mediterranean Studies , Turkey and ISI Bangalore, India. She has been teaching post graduate students “Research Methodology”, CSR (corporate social responsibility) and “Culture and Social change” in a dynamic context of India and these courses have been well received. She is a sociologist by profession. Dr Sarkar has over two decades of experience in academics and action research. She received her M.Phil and PhD from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai. For M.Phil she was awarded Dorabji Merit Fellowship and she did her Doctoral studies under fellowship of Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India. Subsequently, she pursued her Post-Doctoral Fellowship from London School of Economics (LSE), UK, for which she was awarded Sir Ratan Tata Asia Research Fellowship, 2008-09. For her Doctoral work she was awarded “Best British Post-Graduate Research Award” especially for methodological uniqueness and anthropological narrative at the University of Hull, UK, 2002. She has shared her research expertise and experience widely across several international universities as a guest speaker and fellow, especially in, UK, Australia and South East Asia. In 2016, she was invited as Visiting Professor Fellow at the Department of Sociology, Charles University, Prague. Her research interests are in the areas of development studies, gender and evelopment, social exclusion and marginalisation, gender and labour (organised/unorganised sector), Qualitative Research Methods and in the areas of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). She has several research publications to her credit in national and international journals. She has also conducted several research projects in the field of City Traffic Policing, City Space and Crime, Counter Cultural impact on Gaddi Tribe of Himalayas, Women in Micro-Finance, Women in BPO/KPO (Organized labour), Media and Women Image – Body and Sexuality, Women labourers in Brick kilns (Unorganized sector), women workers in urban housing construction (unorganised sector), Resettlement & Rehabilitation of PAP (project affected People), City, Gender & victimization, etc. funded by ministry of Urban Development (MMRDA/CIDCO), University Grant Commission, and Indian Council of Social Science Research (ICSSR), Government of India. More significantly her longitudinal research study on women and tea plantation of North Bengal is noteworthy as it has been acknowledged by the Indian council of social scientist forum (Govt. India, New Delhi). She has authored two books, titled: Globalization & Gender, by Rawat Publications 2010; Gender Inequality & Discriminatory Practices in India – Discourse & Dilemmas, by Rawat publications (in press), 2019. She has been awarded Visiting Research Excellence Fellowship at the Department of Anthropology and Sociology at CEU (2019)to extend her ‘work’ in this area of women labour force in tea plantation economy based on anthropological methodologyleading towards a qualitative narrative of her working research paper’.


  • Senior Research Excellence Fellowship, 2019, at Department of Anthropology & Sociology, CEU, Budapest (Hungry) .
  • Senior Research Visiting Fellowship, 2016, at The Dept. of Sociology, Charles University, Prague, Chez Republic.
  • Sir Ratan Tata fellowship, Asia Research Center, London School of Economics, UK, 2008-09
  • Ministry of Defense Fellowship, 2000-2002
  • Sir Dorabji Merit Fellowship 1996-99

Research Award

Paper entitled, “Social Pathology and Youth Anomie — A Case Study of Mumbai City”, received the best paper award for paper presentation and paper content, at British Post Graduate Criminology Conference, University of Hull, UK, Center for Criminology and Criminal Justice, April, 2002.

List of publications (published)

  • Domestic Violence Against Women : A Gender Stereotype Crime in India, 2021, in the book “ Gender Inequality and Discrimination in India:  Discourse and Dilemmas” (edited), 2021, Rawat Publication , New Delhi pp: 223-240
  • Gender, Identity Politics, and Emerging Underclass amongst Labour Force: A Study of Tea Gardens in North Bengal, India, Open Journal of Women’s Studies Volume 2, Issue 1, 2020, PP 14-25
  • Gender, Space & Identity : Women Narratives and Interpretations, Tea Gardens, West Bengal, 2018, JES , VOL.8, No.2, p:146-159
  • Media & Women Image : A Feminist Discourse , Journal of Media & communication Studies (online), Vol 6 (No.3), p: 48-58, ISSN 2141-2545; http://www.academicjournals.org/jmcs , 2016
  • Displaced Livelihood & Emerging Issues of Sustainability: A study on Women forest Dwellers, Buxa Duars, North Bengal, India, Journal of Exclusion Studies Vol-4, No-1 Feb 2014
  • Migration, Diversification of Livelihood & Sustainability: A Case of Mankhurd, Mumbai, 2014, Journal of Exclusion Studies, Vol.6 (issue I), pg: 1-17
  • 5. Closure of Tea Gardens and Displaced Livelihood: A Study of Women Plantation Labour, Journal of Social Exclusion, 2013, Vol.3 (1), P:51-61
  • Copenhagen Summit: A critical view to UNFCC, ASBM (forthcomimg) December, 2011
  • Fear of Victimisation amongst Urban Neighbourhood : A Case of Mumbai, (forthcoming) UDRI, December, 2011
  • Corporate Crime: Discourse & Dilemmas, CBI Bulletin (Oct-Dec 2010)
  • Women Entrepreneurs and their Emerging Livelihood Issues, ASBM, March, 2010
  • Increasing Fear and Sense of insecurity in Mumbai Metropolis, CBI, July, 2009
  • Safety and Security of Citizens in City of Mumbai in Mumbai Reader’08Supported by “The Arts Management ‘Initiative of Sri Ratan Tata Trust , Mumbai Redears-08, Urban Design Research Institute , pp.476-494, Sept, 2009
  • Women in Unorganized Sector and Brick Klin Industry: A Case of Navi Mumbai, The Personnel, NIPM Journal, April-June, 2008, P:3113. Youth in organized crime in Mumbai: A developmental Perspective in Indian Journal of Social Work , vol. 69, issue no.3, July, 2008,pp. 297-480
  • Women at Work in the Era Globalisation: A Flip Side, Presented at International Feminist Summit, Townsville, Australia , 22-17 june,2007 and published in Conference Compendium, website address, www.fagenda.org
  • Beggary in Urban India: Conflict and Challenges of Development, Social Action, Vol: 57, No.1, pp: 45-55. , 2007
  • Women Labour-force in Unorganized Sector: A Study on Construction Workers in Navi Mumbai, The Personnel, NIPM Journal, Vol XXVII (No. 2), P: 20-27 , 2007
  • Effective Leadership Style: A Case Study on Few Leaders in the MNC in Mumbai, published, Synergy, I.T.S. journal of I.T & Management, Vol.4.No.2, July 2006, P:109-111
  • Juvenile Delinquency and Role of Family and School: Three Cases of Homicide in Kolkata “, published in the Indian Journal Social Work, Vol.66, Issue No. 1, P: 14-35(2006)
  • Developments in Information Technology and Criminal Vulnerability: Emerging Challenges in Urban India, 2003, The Indian Police Journal, Vol. L, No (2), P: 62
  • Nature and Extent of Juvenile Delinquents in Kolkata and Greater Kolkata: An Exploration, in Indian Journal of Social Work, Vol. 64, Jan, 2003.
  • Penology and Penalty of Death: Discourse and Dilemmas, CBI Bulletin, Vol. X, No. (9), Sept, 2002, pp: 15
  • Sarkar, S. (2002): Combating Organized Crime as Systems Strategy: A Case of Mumbai Metropolis in the Indian Police Journal, January – March, pp. 42-52.
  • Sarkar, S. (2002): Juveniles Under Trials in Calcutta and Greater Calcutta: An Explorations in Contemporary Social Work, vol. XIX, April, pp. 96-106
  • Sarkar, S. (2000): Combating Organized Crime: A Case Study of Mumbai City. Fault lines, vol. 12, pp.133.

Research papers (presented at international research seminars)

  • Sustainable Development & Marginalised forest communities: A Case Studies of Two Villages in North Bengal, (BTR), ISI, Bangalore , Golden jubilee conference , compilation, 5-7th December, 2013
  • Media & Women Image: A Gender Discourse. Presented at FICOM UP Conference, 26th June, 2012, Jakarta, Universitas Pancalsila, Indonesia
  • Counter Cultural Impact of Alternative Tourism : A Case of Gaddi Community, Dharamkot, HP, India, at UKHM university, Bangi, KUAL, Malaysia, May, 2009
  • Development & Crime : Future Shock of India, working research paper, Presented at Public Lecture, LSE, 2009
  • Paper titled “Workaholism among professionals”, presented in conference at IIT Kanpur, at Annual Psychological Conference, 2007.
  • Paper titled “Urban Safety and Resurgence to Policy Implementation: A Case of Mumbai”, is presented at International Conference on Economic Reform in India and China – Emerging Issues and Challenges, 29-30,Feb, 2005, IGIDR Campus.
  • Paper on “Growing Insecurity and Unsafe Life in Mumbai Metropolis: Implication for Policy Intervention”, submitted and accepted in ‘Resurgent City Symposium, 2004, London School of Economics’, 19th –21st April, 2004.
  • “Juvenile Delinquency and Role of School: Three Cases of Homicide in Kolkata Metropolis”, Paper was accepted for the Second International Conference on Violence in School, May 11-14, 2003, Qubec City, Canada, (not presented).
  • Paper entitled ” The Youth in Organized Crime in Mumbai Metropolis: A Developmental Perspectives” presented at Post Graduate Conference, University of Leicester, UK, Scarman Centre, April, 2003
  • “Social Pathology and Youth Anomie — A Case Study of Mumbai City”. Presented at British Post Graduate Criminology Conference, University of Hull, UK, Center for Criminology and Criminal Justice, April, 2002..

Research projects

  • Research on Closure of Tea Gardens and Displaced Livelihood: Case Women Laborers in the Plantations of Darjeeling District, West Bengal, on going sponsored by ICSSR, New Delhi, 2008-11
  • Counter –Cultural Impact of Alternative Tourism: A Case of Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh, funded by UGC, University of Mumbai, 2006-07
  • Women Labour force in Construction: A Case of Navi Mumbai, 2005
  • Emerging Livelihood Issues of Women working in Brick Kiln: A Case of Panvel Village Clusters, Navi Mumbai, 2005
  • Changing Culture and Habit amongst Women working in BPO: A Study of few Call Centers in Navi Mumbai, 2004
  • Co-ordinated a study on impact of fines and penalties on motor vehicle drivers in May 2002. The study was conducted by Road Users Safety Forum. A Project funded by BPR&D, Ministry of Home Affairs, New Delhi., 2002
  • Research Project for the Unit for Urban Studies, TISS, titled “Space, Crime and City: A Case of Mumbai”, 2003


  • 1. Gender Inequality & Discriminatory Practices In India : Discourse And Dilemmas, 2019, Rawat Publication, New Delhi
  • 2. Gloablisation And Gender”, 2010, Rawat Publication, New Delhi

Research working paper

  • Religion, Faith And Its Survival In Post Modern Era: A Contemporary Discourse.
  • Migration And Diversification Of Livelihood: A Case Of Mumbai.

interest areas of research

  • Sustainable Development, Gender Studies, Women And Labour, Cultural Studies, Sociology (Theories & Interpretations), Urban Development, Popular Culture And Media Studies, Micro-Entrepreneurships, Research Methodology, Social Seclusion And Marginalization

delivered guest lectures(international)

  • 1 University Of Kent, “City, Development & Crime” , 2004, UK
  • 2. York University, Social Policy Department, 2009, Youth, Popular Culture And Crime
  • 3. Development And Crime, Clement House, ARC, LSE, UK, 20091 University Of Kent, “City, Development & Crime” , 2004, UK

Dr. Sumita Sarkar

Dean, IBSAR Groups of Colleges