“Some programs are better than others - Choose the Best” IBSAR Business Management School

Gaurab Kr. Pandey MBA (June 2007 – 09) Batch

My Internship to USA was full of learning with utmost knowledge. It made many positive framework in my attitude, work style, personality and behavior to shape best out of this Competitive world. Thanks to all members of IBSAR for providing better platform of life.

Rinky Agarwal MBA (June 2008 – 10) Batch

Enrolling in IBSAR is a valuable investment for me. In addition to broadening my perspective on business management, it has helped me to grow both professionally and personally. I have become more confident and learnt to face challenges head on with creative approaches and turn them into opportunities.

Sachin Kr. Singh MBA (June 2008 -10) Batch

IBSAR stands for producing managers who are:

I – Innovative

B – Being Dutiful

S – Skilled

A – Adaptable

R – Responsible =

Smita Kumari MBA (June 2007 – 09) Batch

IBSAR has helped me to do my summer internship in my dream country USA.

Ravindra K Singh MBA (June 2007 – 09) Batch

I did my internship in the country of opportunity – USA.

Ravi Chandra Prakash MBA (June 2007 – 09) Batch

It was great to do my internship in USA. It was possible only because of IBSAR.”First of all, I’d like to say the opportunity of writing about my experience in IBSAR is a great honor.

IBSAR is one among the premier learning institute producing generations of graduates who have gone on to become leaders and managers in all areas of society and industry.

Ever since I stepped into IBSAR I was able to discover skills and abilities that I wasn’t aware of. Now all those, experiences have helped me expand my horizon, driving me out of my limitations and experience so many new things.

The faculties are tactful, lovely, easy-going, friendly and perceptive and have experience and necessary qualifications for teaching.

In our fast moving world, thinking out of the box and aiming at new solutions is fundamental. For management students, implied knowledge is very useful.

I’ve gained a lot of incredible experiences since I came here. There is always the desire to learn new things and acquire new knowledge.

Then institute has a nice vibe to it. I like that there’s always something going on and the cultural diversity of the students. You are inspired to excel.

The spirit of co-operation and competitive environment on campus encourages us to interact, brainstorm and accomplish our goals.

It’s stimulating when we are allowed to express our views and exchange design ideas.

IBSAR is the best choice because it combines knowledge, virtues and creativity.

It has been a truly invaluable learning experience for me.

I am determined to become a successful entrepreneur and IBSAR is the best campus to get myself organized for it.

I am proud to be a part of its vibrant, unique and culturally friendly community.”

Sapna K.Joshi MBA (2011-2013 Batch)