Institute of hotel management catering and tourism, Balicha

International Certificate Program

International Specialization In Trade Certification Programme


Welcome to our Specialization in Trade Certification Programme, where we are dedicated to empowering our students with comprehensive technical training and global exposure in their chosen fields. At our campus, we lay the foundation by providing essential technical skills and knowledge. However, we go beyond the classroom by offering an exciting opportunity for students to gain international experience in their areas of interest. Through our carefully crafted international partnerships and immersive programs, we ensure that our students broaden their horizons, acquire valuable cross-cultural perspectives, and enhance their professional growth. Join us on this transformative journey and unlock a world of opportunities through our International Certification Programme.


Course Highlights:

  1. The course is designed at par with the Industry standards.
  2. 6 months International Training included in the programme.
  3. Total practical experience during the course.
  4. Earn the whole tuition fee during the tenure of the study programme.

Courses Offered:

  1. Specialized Certification in Culinary arts.
  2. Specialized Certification in Food & Beverage Operations.
  3. Specialized Certification in Housekeeping Operations.

Minimum Eligibility:

  1. 10thpass and above
  2. English speaking skills – Basic
  3. Passport
  4. Age 18 years and above
  5. No Police record