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M.Voc.( Masters 2 years) in Hotel Management

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The M.Voc.( Masters 2 years) in Hotel Management combines a college teaching approach with a professional edge, whose aim is to train operational and higher managers in the field of hospitality with a wide range of equipment and facilities for hospitality companies.

This programme prepares students for specialized executive and managerial positions in hotels and tourism companies. The programme combines cutting-edge management science with traditional know-how in hotel and restaurant management. Coursework is reinforced through the immediate application of knowledge in practical settings.

Learning Outcomes

The programme enables students to develop and cultivate managerial competencies such as analytical and organisational skills in addition to nurturing their ability to anticipate and decide rapidly and precisely on matters and situations that arise in all areas of the hotel management sector.

Industrial Attachment

Industrial attachment aims to expose the student to live experience and operations in the hospitality industry as an intern to prepare him/her to undertake supervisory roles after graduation. During this stage of industrial attachment, the student will be evaluated on his/her effectiveness in applying theories, and management concepts, learned in college and enriching his/her skills and knowledge by immersing himself/herself in the workplace.

The student will be required to submit a project that would lay out a plan to improve the company's business operations or any specific organizational function. The plan should include a situational assessment and the corresponding suggestions and recommendations. It will be undertaken for a minimum period of 6 months. Industrial attachment is compulsory for the students.

Awarding Body

Rajasthan ILD Skill University

Entry Requirements

Academic Requirement: Obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Hospitality, or Bachelor's Degree in any field

Mode of Delivery

Classroom-based Lectures, Tutorials, Discussions and/or Research

Assessment Methods

Written Assignments, Examinations plus Project / Industrial Attachment

Graduation Requirements

Obtained a passing mark in all examinable modules

Semester Duration

Full-time: 6 months

Maximum Candidature Period

Full-time: 24months
Industrial Attachment: 6 months

Next available intake(s)

Admission Open Current Session

Fundamentals Of Hospitality

This module is designed for students to know about the classification of hotel accommodation, development and standardization of products and services.

Principle Of Management

This module taught about the activities that “plan, organize, and control the operations of the basic elements with materials, machines, methods, money and markets with the help of direction and coordination, and leadership efforts, to achieve the industry goal.

Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Behaviour (OB) is an interdisciplinary field that aims to better understand and manage people in the workplace. It is oriented towards research and application. This course is designed to acquaint students with the theories of behaviour of people in social organisations. It also covers topics like managing organisational changes.

Written Communication

This module introduces students to professional development skills that will increase their employability profile. Students will learn effective communication skills and proper etiquette.


The Practice and collecting materials for analyzing numerical data on a large scale for the company.

Human Resource Management

This course facilitates an understanding of the policies, procedures, and systems required to attract, select, develop and retain quality employees. Students learn about the major environmental factors that affect the HR function, including legislation, economics, and demographics. The course emphasizes human resource issues in the hospitality industry. Instruction is based on lecture and discussion as well as case analysis and project work.

Information And Communication

This module helps the student to develop their inherent skill of knowledge and communication for the industry.


This module has taught about the basics of hotel introduction which includes the layout hierarchy of the hotel. and to know the duties and responsibilities of the department including various types of cleaning methods.

Service Marketing

The student learnt about hospitality and developed their sales and marketing techniques to excel in hospitality service segments.

Strategic Management

This module creates an overview of how management focuses and makes strategies for their mission and vision of company goals through their employees.

Service Operation Management

Students learnt about the categorization of products and to create a standard operating procedure for each service operation.

Tourism And Travel Management

This module offers an overview of the travel, tourism and hospitality industry. It explores the inner workings of various components of lodging, food service and travel organizations. Students will gain a better understanding of the hospitality and tourism businesses; identify the profile and travel pattern and motivation of travellers, their needs and requirements and how resources are managed to meet their needs.

Front Office Management

This module is designed to introduce students to the organizational structure and various functions of a modern hotel. Students will learn the various classifications of accommodation, arrival and departure of guests, cashiering, concierge services and back-of-house functions.

Facility And Security Management

This is an overview of an industry or hospitality unit where the maximum facilities and security are offered for the ultimate satisfaction of customers.

Food And Beverage Management

This module helps students learn about food and beverage production and sales. It also helps to deal with internal and external customers concerned about inventory and budget.

Financial Management

In this module, students will learn how to create financial statements, examine how costs are classified, how budgets are created and the various reports generated. Utilizing key accounting concepts, the students will analyse how financial information is used to evaluate organizational performance and to make effective management decisions.

Hospitality Marketing And Sales

This module explores general marketing, which includes principles and concepts of marketing, marketing strategy, marketing research, and sales process and consumer trends.

Hospitality Law

To create an awareness among the students about the hospitality law during the employment of hospitality business.

Event Management

To get practical ideas for event management through coordination with suppliers and management.


Students get an opportunity to learn about the hospitality sector through one of our hospitality partners in any part of India and abroad. During the 6-month industry visit student work in individual sections where they get a thorough knowledge about their core areas. They are to make a research project as per their development and skill which needs to be evaluated by the company's Manager and to submit the research project during the college evaluation.